ERM Document Archive


The 2008 Financial Crisis – A Wake-up Call for Enterprise Risk Management (pdf) – This RIMS report discusses the 2008 financial crisis and asks the question, "How did so many major financial players miss such huge, systemic exposures?" "Does this mean Enterprise Risk Management failed?"

Report on the Current State of Enterprise Risk Oversight (pdf) – Over 700 entities were surveyed and asked a series of questions designed to illuminate their enterprise risk oversight processes, to determine how organizations are using their risk management functions to respond to the current economic climate.

Effective Enterprise Risk Oversight – The Role of the Board of Directors (pdf) – The role of the board of directors in enterprise-wide risk oversight has become increasingly challenging as expectations for board engagement are increasingly high. This article discusses methods boards are using, including ERM, to balance managing risk while continuing to add value to the organization.

Enterprise Risk Management Technology Solutions (pdf) – This paper provides insights to those who are considering deployment of an ERM technology solution.

The Principles Workbook: Steering your Board Toward Good Governance and Ethical Practice (pdf) – Detailed recommendations of Independent Sector, a coalition formed to make recommendations to Congress to improve oversight, and governance of charitable organizations. Includes a Progress Worksheet Template (pdf) that can be used to prioritize and assign responsibility for different types of organizational risk.




AGB/NACUBO - Enterprise Risk Management Forum (pdf) – Presentation handout from the June 6, 2007 AGB/NACUBO Enterprise Risk Management Forum. Provides a discussion of the current state of risk management on college and university campuses, provides definitions and models for discussion, and includes a discussion of improvement opportunities and next steps.

AGB/NACUBO - Enterprise Risk Management Forum, Case Study (pdf) – Case Study handout from the June 6, 2007 AGB/NACUBO Enterprise Risk Management Forum. Objective is to apply a risk methodology to a specific risk challenge to improve understanding of ERM. This case study can be used to examine and analyze specific risk challenges at your campus.

Panel on the Nonprofit Sector: Interim Report presented to the Senate Finance Committee (pdf) – The report sets forth the Panel's initial recommendations for strengthening the accountability of charities and foundations. It provides recommendations for specific rules and practices intended to strengthen the sector today and in the years to come.


The Changing Face of Risk Management (pdf) - This report summarizes a quantitative survey of RIMS members regarding the current state of risk management, how risk managers are responding to the new world or risk and the future direction of risk management. Of the companies responding to the survey, 4% have fully implemented ERM, 22% partially implemented and 47% are considering or planning on implementation.

Role of U.S. Corporate Boards in ERM (pdf)


Community Trust Bancorp, Inc. Enterprise Wide Risk Management Policy (doc) – An example of an ERM policy that adopts the COSO definition of enterprise risk management and other aspects of the Treadway Commission framework.

Marsh & Risk and Insurance Management Society Inc.'s Excellence in Risk Management II: A Qualitative Survey of Enterprise Risk Management Programs (pdf) – A study that examines the benefits and need for ERM, how to obtain the support of senior management for an ERM program, how to put formal processes in place and integrate ERM into the corporate culture going forward.

Price Waterhouse Coopers' Internal Controls: The Key to Accountability (pdf) – Applies internal control models designed for privately held companies to nonprofits, especially colleges and universities. The paper is designed to help directors, officers, and other senior managers of public and private research universities.

Price Waterhouse Coopers' Education & Non Profit Technical Alert (pdf) – Summary of the initial findings of Independent Sector, a coalition of not-for-profit organizations formed to make recommendations to Congress to improve oversight, and governance of charitable organizations.

Price Waterhouse Coopers' Summary of Emerging Issues for Not-for-Profit Organizations in 2005 (pdf) – Report provides information on accounting, financial reporting, tax, and regulatory compliance issues affecting nonprofit organizations and the impact that the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 is having on nonprofits. Offers links to websites at which to find latest information.


COSO Enterprise Risk Management - Integrated Framework (pdf) – An overview of the Treadway Commission's report; provides: key principles, concepts, a common language, and clear direction and guidance to determine how much risk an entity is prepared to and does accept. Also includes management framework to satisfy internal control needs and to move toward a fuller risk management process.

Enterprise Risk Management: A Fundamental Practice for Higher Educations (pdf)– An article written by Jane Dickerson, Peter Fallon, and Leta Finch, discusses the benefits of implementing an ERM program, how to get started, and how to analyze risk. The article form the URMIA Journal 2003-04 also showcases the ERM programs at UNC at Chapel Hill, the University of California at Davis, and the University of Norte Dame.

Overview of the University's Internal Control Structure and Environment (ppt) – Powerpoint presentation from the July 2004 meeting of the Regents' Committee on Audit.


Guidelines for Reporting on Campus Control Programs (pdf) – May 1999 UCOP memo to campus controllers and control directors; Draft outline designed to provide campuses with guidance on preparing quarterly status reports for the campus financial control programs.