UC Safety and Risk Engineering


Jim Gilson, UC Berkeley
Email: j_gilson@berkeley.edu
Phone: (510) 643-9575


The CoE in Safety and Risk Engineering serves as an equipment, facility and injury loss prevention engineering resource for all campus EH&S departments, and as a “free” technical service available to researchers for collaborative implementation of Integrated Safety and Environmental Management (ISEM) practices into their engineering, research planning and execution. The CoE also assists Executive Management in identifying and/or developing best-practices in risk reduction strategies, tools and programs at various campuses, and then leveraging them to integrate and adapt to operations throughout the UC system.


The Center of Excellence in Safety and Risk Engineering provides UC Management and Researchers collaborative and consultative risk-engineering services such as technical equipment and facility design guidance, cultural shift management and risk reduction strategies, at each campus and systemwide, with cost-justified recommendations to reduce local and enterprise risk to an “acceptable level”.