UC Integrated Safety Process Metrics


Sandra Conrrad, UC Irvine
Email: sconrrad@uci.edu
Phone: (949) 824-6982


The Integrated Safety Process Metrics Center of Excellence was created to develop overall leading and lagging EH&S metrics dashboard reports to be used in customer communications and in making data-based decisions across the UC system. We provide metrics report consultation and collaborate with Risk and Safety Solutions in order to develop metrics dashboard reports.


Integrated Safety Process Metrics Center of Excellence Goals:

1. Provide system wide support and subject matter expertise, as well as guide collaboration among all UC locations, UC entities, and UC-vendors in creating:
a) Metrics reports compared to nationally accepted metrics conveying employee injury performance (lagging)
b) Template reports of direct and indirect KPIs that measure integrated EH&S programs compliance and implementation into operations (leading)

2. Create campus, as well as, system wide master dashboards consisting of both lagging and leading metrics reports for Senior Leadership

3. Facilitate collaboration between EH&S and Risk and Safety Solutions in order to build necessary metrics reports for the IT suite of applications in development for campus-level SMEs and Senior-level leadership communication. Additionally, assist in the design user-interface of IT applications in order to automate and create more efficient processes for locations.