UC Field Research Safety


Sara Souza, UC Berkeley
Email: sarasouza@berkeley.edu
Phone: (510) 725-2517
To join the systemwide UC-TRIPSS listserv, please email your request to sarasouza@berkeley.edu. The focus of the group is field and travel-related risk management and safety efforts.


To facilitate sharing of lessons learned in the field and promote risk management and safety planning tools, resources and best practices.


  1. Coordinate workshops and meetings to share resources and discuss safety challenges inherent to field work outdoors and in remote locations.
  2. Promote risk management through opportunities for field researchers and instructors to build skills related to planning, first aid, outdoor stewardship, effective communication, and leadership.
  3. Compile health and safety technical resources and guidance documents relevant to field course instructors, field researchers, and management of UC field stations and reserves.