UC Chemical Informatics


Chris Jakober, UC Davis
Email: cajakober@ucdavis.edu 
Phone: (530) 752-7194 

Russell Vernon, UC Riverside
Director of Environmental Health & Safety
Email: russell.vernon@ucr.edu
Phone: (951) 827-5119


Develop and administer a Chemical Library for chemicals used and created within the UC system.


  • In collaboration with staff from UC Risk and Safety Solutions develop a Chemical Library architecture capable of aggregating attributes of chemicals contained within the UC system
  • In collaboration with UC stakeholders determine acceptable chemical property data and surrogates for hazard classification of chemicals within the UC
  • In collaboration with staff from UC Risk and Safety Solutions establish the architecture of the chemical classification algorithms/programming routines
  • Spot-checking hazard classifications of materials classified by the Chemical Library
  • Resolving UC Chemicals user-reported inconsistencies or errors in chemical inventory items within the Chemical Library
  • Providing manual curation of chemical attributes for Chemical Library materials
  • Serving as the point of contact for chemical hazard classification queries
  • Collaborating with external stakeholders from academia, government, and industry to better disseminate and curate chemical safety information (e.g., Cornell University, National Institute of Health PubChem, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemists (IUPAC), Inchi-Trust, etc.)