My Managed Risk (MMR) Portal

The My Managed Risk (MMR) Portal was designed as an entry point to the services provided by the Office of Risk Services. The portal allows UC employees direct access to their authorized ERM applications, as well as the ability to view content related to the ERM Solution Set and at the same time, stay informed of up-to-date news and articles directly related to enterprise risk management. The streamlined design also provides an efficient way for users to search within the MMR Portal in order to retrieve contents of interest quickly.

As part of this goal the UCOP Office of Risk Services is actively developing and updating Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards both at the systemwide and campus levels. Learn more about the ERMIS Dashboards

Access the My Managed Risk (MMR) Portal and ERMIS Dashboards

To access the My Managed Risk (MMR) Portal and the ERMIS Dashboards, please follow the steps below:

  • Select the following link: (please note that the reports are best viewed in Firefox)
  • Continue to authenticate with single sign-on
  • To access your ERM dashboards, please click on the blue “ERM Dashboard” tab at the top of the page.

The ERMIS Dashboards and MMR Portal give you access to our latest ERM tools and dashboards. We encourage you to explore and visit the different links and pages available to you. Please visit the "Request Access/Help" tab to review the list of systems and email if you would like to have links added to your "My ERM Tools" portlet.

UC Employees Can Request Access the My Managed Risk (MMR) Portal and ERMIS Dashboards

If you are a new user to the ERMIS Dashboards and the MMR Portal, please request access by following these steps:

  • Select My Managed Risk (MMR) Portal 
  • Select your location from the drop down list
  • Login using your credentials
  • Review your information listed
  • Click Submit

Access to the features in the MMR Portal is determined by your ability to login through a UC single sign-on account. If you cannot log in using single sign-on, please contact