Guiding principles for content

Separate style from content when possible: Separate the style of your Web pages from the content so you have more precise control over the layout. With this control, you can change the linear layout of a page (important to screen readers) without altering the visual layout.

Write concisely and clearly: Seven million new Web pages are published every day. When people come to the Web, they must navigate through volumes of information to find what they're looking for. The best thing writers can do for Web readers is present information clearly and concisely so people can read quickly, find what they want, and move on.

Don't rely on alternative, text-only sites: It's better to develop a site that integrates everyone's needs, rather than "separate but equal" alternative, text-only sites. For one thing, most "text only" alternatives generally become quickly out of date. Additionally, while text-only sites are usually accessible to a person using a screen reader, people with partial sight, learning or cognitive disabilities, limited hand use, or hearing impairments may find text-only sites as difficult or even more difficult to access than the regular site.