Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from previous assessments?

This initiative is different from previous efforts in several ways:

  • First, it is staff-driven. Ideas and suggestions will come from staff - those who are doing the work and know how to do it better
  • The focus is OP-wide. Every organizational area is within scope. 
  • Everything is on the table, whereas previous efforts focused on specific topics or issues (e.g., printers, space).

Is this about layoffs or reaching financial targets?

No. This review is not expected to result in layoffs or budget cuts. Its focus is simply to improve the way UCOP operates — to identify and implement opportunities to reduce costs, to streamline processes, eliminate duplication, improve customer services, increase transparency, and generally enhance the UCOP work environment.

Doesn't this duplicate previous efforts?

The first work group in 2014 analyzed prior improvement efforts to ensure that this review would not be redundant. The analysis included looking at what has already been recommended and implemented, as well as recommendations that were not enacted but may be relevant to this effort.

Does the review inlcude looking at workload and stopping certain work?

Yes. Ideas may include ways to eliminate unnecessary work wherever possible, or to redirect work toward better supporting leadership's priorities and the UC mission. 

What's out of scope?

All submitted ideas are reviewed. Because the focus of the review is on UCOP operations, systemwide issues are out of scope but are referred to the appropriate department for consideration. Ideas that relate to work or improvements already underway are not in scope as potential new projects, but are forwarded to the relevant department, 

How are recommendations developed and shared with staff?

The work group solicits ideas and recommendations from staff — via the project website, brown bags, focus groups, and other avenues. It analyzes the ideas for impact, savings and feasibility, and then formulates recommendations to forward to leadership, which makes the final decision. Approved projects are announced in the Link newsletter. Learn more on our Process tab.