In 2021-2022, UC Online is providing funding for "Digital Inclusion" efforts focused on diversity, equity, inclusion and access (DEI & A). For 2021-2022, approximately $2.7M is available, and will be distributed to all nine undergraduate campuses. Based on projects from campuses, awards for each category and campus will vary. Note that UC Online will provide additional funds for CCES operations and change orders, as well as for cross-campus instructional funding/enrollment support. The four award categories are described below.


Funding is available for the development and enhancement of fully online courses, course sequences, minors or programs that are developed, offered and open to students across campuses through the cross-campus enrollment system (CCES). Courses should include elements of digital inclusion, designed to enrich and enhance student opportunities to learn and succeed. Priority will be given to courses offered during the academic year.

Recommended Award: A maximum of $70K/course.


Funding is available for professional development (online and in-person) that supports digital inclusion efforts. Possible projects include: professional development for faculty in teaching online to ensure student success, incoming student online orientation, and the like. Priority will be given to online professional development that is open across the system.


Funding is available for research projects that focus on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access (DEI & A), including: analysis of existing data on course efficacy, and new research that focuses on issues related to DEI & A.


Funding is available for the development of tools and applications that support DEI & A, foster collaboration and interactivity in online courses, and that support student learning.

Requests outside these windows will be considered based on funding availability. If you have identified a project with a budget greater than the $300K for 2021-2022, we encourage you to submit a follow-on request during the 2022-2023 budget cycle.


May 31, 2022


Please submit a separate project form and accompanying budget for each project through this Google form on how you plan to allocate the block funds awarded to your campus.

Requests are being handled and submitted to UC Online by your UC Online Campus Liaison. Please contact your UC Online Liaison if you are interested in submitting a request. For questions, contact ellen.osmundson@ucop.edu or mary.c.wong@ucop.edu.

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