Innovative Learning Technology Initiative (ILTI)

Using technology to enhance UC students' learning experiences

The Innovative Learning Technology Initiative (ILTI) is designed to meet UC campus needs for high quality online courses. The Initiative will enhance the educational opportunities and achievements of UC students by helping them get access to high demand courses, satisfy degree requirements and graduate on time.

ILTI was established in January 2013 by then-UC President Mark G. Yudof. The Office of the Provost and Academic Senate provide program leadership, while UC students, faculty and administrators have played important roles in defining and shaping ILTI’s framework and guidelines.

Program framework

ILTI’s strategy is based upon four interconnected components:

  • Funds will be available to UC faculty to create new online courses and enhance existing online courses.
  • Department and campus support for the courses will also be provided, to ensure that courses developed will be offered for multiple years on multiple campuses.   
  • A cross-campus enrollment system with a searchable database of online courses will help students find and enroll in needed classes. 
  • Evaluation of how well the initiative is performing will provide key accountability data. 

Building on a solid base

ILTI will build on the prior accomplishments of UC faculty in developing and teaching online courses that are strong and viable options for student learning. UC's existing online course offerings span the breadth and depth of a quality undergraduate education — from the culture and context of dance to climate change, foreign languages and software programming. ILTI will take advantage of and move beyond what UC campuses are already doing to use innovative learning technology in undergraduate instruction.

ILTI in operation

Since its inception in 2013, ILTI has provided funding for the development and enhancement of 80+ courses, including fully online and hybrid courses.  RFP 4 opens in August 2015, focused on fully online courses that are open to UC students across the system.  A cross-campus enrollment system allows UC students to easily search for and enroll in courses offered and taught by UC faculty and staff at other UC campuses.  Development of a more sophisticated electronic hub to support and facilitate cross-campus enrollment for all UC students has begun.  A number of online courses earn GE, pre-major and major credit on other UC campuses. Evaluation of the courses and of the initiative itself is on-going, providing accountability and information on how the project is progressing.  

Check this site for announcements and additional information as the initiative progresses.