RFP Frequently Asked Questions

Proposal Submission

Q1.  How do I submit a proposal?
A.  Submissions are being handled by ProposalCENTRAL, an online system for managing proposals.  If you have not used proposalCENTRAL before you will need to create an account, use the filter list drop down menu to search for "University of California, Office of the President", and follow the directions provided on the site.

Q2.  Who can submit a proposal for RFP 7?
A.  UC ladder-rank faculty, lecturers with security of employment (LSOEs) and lecturers with the potential for security of employment (LPSOEs).

Q3.  What is the deadline to submit a proposal?
A.  For RFP 7, there is a rolling review process.  Proposals will be reviewed every 3-4 months.

Q4.  What types of courses will this RFP 7 support?
A.  Fully online, undergraduate, high enrollment, high demand courses are a priority.  Proposals to convert current face-to-face or hybrid courses to a fully online course and/or to develop a new fully online course will be accepted.  For new fully online courses, PIs will need to submit their course through their campus' course approval process.

Q5A.  Can I submit a hybrid course offering?
A.  Proposals for hybrid courses will be accepted for RFP 7.

Q5B.  I want to propose developing a high demand graduate level course. Is this allowable?
A.  For this round (RFP 7), ILTI is only accepting proposals for fully online (or hybrid), undergraduate, high enrollment and/or high demand courses

Q6.  I need help completing my proposal and budget.  Who can I talk to?
A.  You can find a list of Instructional Design contacts here.

Q7. I understand that it is expected that my course will be offered multiple times during the academic year; do summer session offerings count towards fulfilling those requirements?
A.  Summer offerings do not count towards meeting this requirement.The proposed course is expected to be offered multiple times during the academic year.  It is up to the department and PI(s) if they chose to offer the course during the summer.

Q8.  If I want to offer an existing online course for cross-campus enrollment, will this RFP cover the cost of instruction?
A.  Funding has been provided to your campus to support cross-campus course offerings.  For more information, please contact ILTI@ucop.edu.

Q9.  I want to submit a proposal to revise my online course.  Am I eligible?
A.  Please contact your EVC-P's office for course revision funding. 

Q10.  Will there be another RFP in the future?
A.  Future RFPs will be dependent on continued funding to ILTI.

Proposal Funding

Q1. How much will this award fund per proposal?
A. RFP 4 will provide a maximum of $110k for quarter and $117k for semester courses.

Q2. How soon can I expect award funding to arrive and course development to begin?
A.  Funding will be distributed to campuses 1-2 months after a final budget has been approved.

Q3.  Are there other sources of funding for courses that don’t meet RFP 7 criteria (e.g., the course is not high enrollment or fully online)?
A.  Funds were provided to your EVC-P's office to develop an EVC-P sponsored online course.  Please contact your EVC-P's office or ILTI@ucop.edu for more information.

RFP Awards

Q1.  Where can I find a list of awarded courses?
A.  Click here for the list of awarded courses.