RFP 6 Awarded Proposals


Course Campus Faculty
Child, Family Policies;
Early Learning Contexts
San Diego
Shana Cohen
Elizabeth Simon
Alison Wishard Guerra
Bruce Fuller
Margaret Bridges
Climate Change and Agriculture Davis Arnold Bloom
Social Science with Online Data Davis Seth Frey
Video Games Davis Jorge Pena
Abnormal Psychology Irvine Jenny Rinehart
Adv C Programming and SW Engineering Irvine Quoc-Viet Dang
Basic Statistics Irvine Daniel Gillen
Computer Methods in Structural Analysis Irvine Joel Lanning
Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science Irvine Sandy Irani
Health and Global Environmental Change Irvine Miryha Runnerstrom
Image Analysis in Biological Research Lab Irvine Catherine Loudon
Introduction to Complementary and Alternative Medicine Irvine Zuzana Bic
Introduction to Digital Systems and Digital Logic Lab Irvine Quoc-Viet Dang
Introduction to Rhetoric Irvine Emily Brauer Rogers
Brad Queen
Daniel Gross
Kat Lewin
Mathematical Models for the Physical Sciences  Irvine Peter Taborek
Philip Collins
Shakespeare Irvine Julia Lupton
The Arts and Human Development (formerly Teaching Fine Arts Irvine Liane Brouillette
UCI Business School Irvine Mary Gilly 
Cartography Los Angeles Michael Shin
Film & Television 4: Intro to Art & Technique of Filmmaking Los Angeles Jasmine Trice
Holocaust: History and Memory Los Angeles Sarah Stein
Life Sciences 15: Life: Concepts and Issues Los Angeles Jay Phelan & Laski
Psychology of Addiction (Resubmit) Los Angeles Lara Ray
Punk: Music, History, Subculture Los Angeles Jessica Schwartz
Women in Power in Ancient Egypt Los Angeles Kara Cooney
Business Application of Geographic Information Systems Riverside Elaine Wong
Database Marketing Riverside Hai Che

Ecology and Conservation Biology;
Global Change Ecology

Riverside Kurt Anderson
Loralee Larios
Paul Nabity
Nicole Rafferty
Helen Regan
Marko Spasojevic
General Physics Series Riverside Boerge Hemmerling
Brian Siana
Laura Sales
Introduction to Physics for non-physics majors Riverside  Borge Hemmerling
Introduction to Public Policy Analysis Riverside David Brady
Bruce Babcock
Introduction to Statistics Riverside James Flegal
Introductory Cell and Molecular Biology Riverside Morris Maduro
Natural History of Insects Riverside Richard Redak
Erin Wilson Rankin
Origins Riverside Bahram Mobasher
Policy and Legal Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics Riverside Eddie Comeaux
Social Emotional Learning in the Schools Riverside Cathleen Geraghty
Systems Neuroscience Riverside Margarita Curras-Collazo
Bending the Curve Online San Diego Veerabhadran Ramanathan
Global Mental Health San Diego Janis H. Jenkins
Sound in Time San Diego Shlomo Dubnov
Teaching Computational Thinking For Everyone San Diego Elizabeth Simon
Elementary Italian 1
Elementary Italian 2
Elementary Italian 3
Santa Barbara Claudio Fogu
Nutrition for Health Santa Barbara Amy Jamieson
Understanding and Detecting Human Deception Santa Barbara Norah Dunbar
Environmental Art Santa Cruz Elizabeth Stephens
Feeding California Santa Cruz Melissa L. Caldwell
Nancy Chen
Invented Languages: From Elvish to Esperanto Santa Cruz Pranav Anand
Studies in Medicine: Its Art, History, Science, Philosophy Santa Cruz Grant Hartzog
The United States of America from its founding to our time Santa Cruz Matt O'Hara
Matthew Lasar