RFP 2/Window 2 Awarded Proposals

Application: October 18, 2013 - November 17, 2013
Award Notification: January 2014

Course Campus Faculty
Literacy-Individual and Societal Development: EDUCATION 140AC Berkeley Glynda Hull
Global Disruption and Information Technology: ICS 5 Irvine Donald J. Patterson
Bill Tomlinson
Bonnie Nardi
Air Pollution: AOS 2 LA Jochen Stutz
Jeff Lew
Art, Science and Technology: DESMA 9 LA Victoria Vesna
Major Events in the History of Life: ESS 016 LA J. William Schopf
Brian Copenhaver
Disease Mechanisms and Therapies: PS 121 LA Rachelle H. Crosbie-Watson
Introduction to Earth Systems Science: ESS 1 Merced Michael Beman
Marilyn Fogel
Peggy O'Day
Service and Project Collaboration and Leadership: ENGR/MGMT 158, MGMT 172 Merced
San Diego
Paul Maglio
Vish Krishnan
The Historian's Workshop: HIST 19WV Riverside Juliette Levy
Integrating Web-GIS to Natural Disasters: GEO 004, PUBHLTH 90 Riverside
David Oglesby
Lisa Grant Ludwig
Bioinformatics for Biologists: CSE 181B San Diego Pavel Pevzner
Intermediate Microeconomics: ECON 100A San Diego Joel Watson
Melissa Famulari
Intermediate Microeconomics: ECON 100B San Diego Joel Watson
Melissa Famulari
Intermediate Microeconomics: ECON 100C San Diego Joel Watson
Melissa Famulari
Digital Writing & Rhetoric: CAT 125, WR 139, WRIT 105DR, UWP 101Y

San Diego
Santa Barbara

Elizabeth Losh
Jonathan Alexander
Carl Whithaus
Chris Dean