UC Berkeley LRDP Link

January 2005

2020 Long Range Development Plan and related documents.

UC Davis LRDP Link


Comprehensive land use plan for physical development of the campus to support its mission through 2015-16.

UC Davis Medical Center LRDP PDF

November 2010

Vision for continued growth to support new research initiatives and ongoing development and expansion of the clinical enterprise through 2025.

UC Irvine LRDP Link


Identifies campus development and land uses to support projected expansion and enable new initiatives through the plan horizon year of 2025-26.

UC Irvine Medical Center LRDP Link


Guides physical development on the UCI Medical Center campus through the LRDP horizon year 2020.


2002; amended 2008

Comprehensive plan for physical development of the campus through 2013.

UC Merced LRDP Link

March 2009

A guide for future land use patterns and development through 2020.

UC Riverside LRDP Link

October 2005

Vision and goals for accommodating growth and change through 2015.

UC San Diego LRDP Link


General land use plan and capacity analysis that guides the physical development of the campus through 2020-21.

UC San Francisco LRDP Link


Guides physical development at UCSF campus sites through 2035.

UC Santa Barbara LRDP PDF

Jan 2014

Identifies and describes the physical development needed to achieve the campus's academic goals through 2025.

UC Santa Cruz LRDP Link


Provides a comprehensive framework for the physical development of the campus, 2005-2020.