Capital Program Risk Assessment Report

This report of the system-wide Capital Program Risk Assessment Steering Committee (pdf) provides an in-depth examination of the University's rapidly expanding capital program. Modeled after an on-going Controller's Business Controls and Risk Assessment Initiative, the charge of the Steering Committee was to:

  • Identify the major system-wide risks associated with the capital program
  • Guide a process to inventory and evaluate current business practices at all locations; and
  • Recommend actions that the University could take to improve the management of its capital program.

The 18-month review included individual meetings with each Committee member and half-day focus group sessions on each campus, totaling over one hundred participants. The Office of the President gratefully acknowledges the valuable contributions of the Capital Risk Assessment Steering Committee members (pdf) as well as the efforts of all the focus group participants (pdf), who, as representatives from each of the functional areas vital to the capital program implementation process, provided the key insights and perspectives that inform this report.

The Capital Program Risk Assessment Report (pdf) provides the summary of all the data collected during this process and the major recommendations of the Steering Committee, while Report Appendix D (pdf) provides a detailed listing of the discussion topics and issues raised at the focus group sessions.