UCIP details and contract documents

Instructions & Templates for UCIP Covered Projects

The Regents of the University of California has established a controlled insurance program for large construction projects. Projects with a projected construction value of $25 million and over (total for all phases) are to be insured under the University Controlled Insurance Program, or “UCIP.”  The UCIP is a single insurance program that insures the University of California, Enrolled Contractors, Enrolled Subcontractors, and other designated parties (“Contractors”) for Work performed at the Project Site.  Certain Contractors or Subcontractors may be excluded from the UCIP.  Details of this program are contained in The Regents of the University of California UCIP Insurance Manual, (included as an Exhibit in downloads below).

Coverage under the UCIP includes Workers’ Compensation/Employer’s Liability, General Liability, and Excess Liability.  The Regents of the University of California is covered under the General and Excess Liability policies. Contractors are covered under the Workers’ Compensation/Employers Liability and General and Excess Liability policies.  The University of California will pay the insurance premiums for the UCIP coverages described in the UCIP Insurance Manual.  When the University includes UCIP coverage on a project, each bidder is required to submit a bid net of all insurance costs for coverages provided by the University of California.  When your UCIP solicitation documents are assembled per the instructions below, project specific coverage will be defined in Article 11.1 of the General Conditions.

Incorporating UCIP coverage into project solicitations

The following steps are required to incorporate the required OP-approved UCIP documents into the solicitation package and to communicate the UCIP coverage and related requirements to all stakeholders:

  1. Download the UCIP specific solicitation Approved Contract Templates.  The following core documents contain UCIP-specific language and must be incorporated into every University solicitation that is covered by UCIP.  The following three (3) core documents, five (5) Exhibits, and two (2) Table of Contents documents will need to be extracted to complete your UCIP solicitation package:
    • General Conditions (for UCIP Projects)
    • Supplementary Conditions (for UCIP Projects)
    • Instructions to Bidders (for UCIP Projects)  or RFP for Design Build Projects
    • Supplementary Instructions to Bidders (for UCIP Projects)
    • Table of Contents (2 documents – one for UCIP Bid Document & one for Exhibits)
    • Five (5) Exhibits (for all UCIP Projects)

    Click on the link below that corresponds to the type of contract delivery (i.e., Long Form, CM at Risk, Design Build, or Multiple Prime) as each document set is unique to the referenced form of delivery.  The five Exhibits are included in each contract form.

    Long Form

    CM at Risk

    Design Build

    Multiple Prime

  2. Communicate the University’s intent to use UCIP coverage:
    • In all advertisements
    • In all pre-proposal meetings (i.e., pre-qualification/pre-bid/pre-proposal conferences)
  3. Contact your campus Risk Manager and assigned campus UCIP Administrator early in the solicitation planning process and provide them with the project details.  The UCIP Administrator will need to attend any public meetings to answer questions on UCIP coverage.
  4. Schedule a planning meeting with your UCIP Administrator to review all Project administrative requirements unique to the UCIP process from pre-proposal planning to project close-out.  Make sure the UCIP Administrator makes the necessary commitments to manage the UCIP application process and reporting requirements for all covered contractors, subcontractors, and other designated parties for Work performed at the Project Site and eligible for UCIP coverage.
  5. Do not attempt to answer any UCIP-related public inquiries or RFIs without coordination with your UCIP Administrator.  You are encouraged to contact OP Risk Services and OP Design and Capital Policy for any UCIP-related inquiries.