CM at Risk contracts with UCIP

The University of California uses a University Controlled Insurance Program (UCIP) for construction projects with a projected construction value of $25,000,000 and over (total for all phases). 

The CM at Risk with UCIP contract templates listed below must be used for all UCIP projects using the CM at Risk delivery method. The following list provides links to UCIP specific documents only. Download the base CM at Risk template documents from the CM at Risk page.

The following documents are approved by the Office of the President and Office of the General Counsel for use by the Facility. A facility may place its logo on the Cover page. Each template document starts with a cover sheet and set of instructions. These instructions are for the Facility only and should not be added to the Contract Documents when distributed to the Bidder or Contractor.

Documents identified as "core documents" shall not be modified by the Facility. Any revisions to these templates are made and issued by the Office of the President.

Table of Contents
Advertisement for CM/Contractor Prequalification
Level 1 Prequalification Questionnaire
Level 1 Prequalification Analysis
Level 2 Interview Requirements
Level 2 Scoring Evaluation


Advertisement for Bids
Announcement to Level 2 Prequalified Bidders
Project Directory
Instructions to Bidders - Core Document
Supplementary Instructions to Bidders
Information Available to Bidders
Bid Form
Bid Bond Version A
Bid Bond Version B

General Conditions - Core Document 
Supplementary Conditions 



Executive Design Professional Agreement for CM At-Risk Delivery (pdf)
Certificate of Insurance
UCIP Coverage Summary
UCIP Insurance Manual (pdf)
UCIP Declaration of Minimum OSHA and EMR
UCIP Safety Standards Manual
Payment Bond
Performance Bond
Application For Payment
Selection of Retention Options 
Escrow Agreement for Deposit of Securities In Lieu of Retention and Deposit of Retention 
Submittal Schedule
Cost Proposal
Field Order
Change Order/Contract Amendment
Conditional Waiver and Release Upon Progress Payment
Unconditional Waiver and Release Upon Progress Payment
Summary of Builder's Risk Insurance Policy (pdf)
Bid Package Certification
Notice of Intent
Key Personnel Schedule
Scope of Work
CM/Contractor Provided General Conditions to Subcontractors
Letter of Bid Package Review
Bid Protest Procedures
Project Schedule
CM/Contractor's Expanded list of Subcontractors
Report of Subcontractor Information and Final Distribution of Dollars (fillable pdf)
Certificate of Substantial Completion
General Contractor Claim Certification
Subcontractor Claim Certification
Value Engineering Process
Conditional Waiver and Release Upon Final Payment
Unconditional Waiver and Release Upon Final Payment
Notice of Completion

CM Bid Package Templates


Division 1 Specifications
List of Drawings

Revised September 1, 2017 (Change # FM 17-007-C)