The Capital Programs Institute (CPI) is the UCOP program for design, construction and project management training. Under the coordination of Construction Services, the program provides training for the capital programs staff on all campuses and laboratories.

Construction Services chairs the Construction Review Board (CRB), where it hears bid protest appeals on construction projects.

The systemwide Labor Compliance Program (LCP) implements the regents' policy relative to the labor compliance requirements for state-funded public works construction contracts.

Best Value (BV) selection gives authority to the University of California to choose contractors not only on the basis of price but also qualifications that collectively serve the best value to the university. 

The Regents of the University of California has established a controlled insurance program for large construction projects. Projects with a projected construction value of $25 million and over (total for all phases) are to be insured under the University Controlled Insurance Program (UCIP)