Lean Construction Principles for UC

Lean construction principles and methods are a lynch pin of Integrated Product Delivery (IPD). Lean incorporates the consideration of process and built product together to reduce and eliminate waste of time and materials. Traditional construction methods are wed to the more rigid and selfish Critical Path Method where contractors and subcontractors remain focused on their narrow silos of scope. Lean practices synchronize and physically align the many steps in a construction process eliminating the unproductive gaps by filling them with efficient progress resulting in improved project quality and timeliness.

The University has the benefit of some of the world’s top Lean professionals and researchers. UCB’s own Dr. Glenn Ballard and Dr. Iris Tommelein, also members of the Lean Construction Institute offered their professional and academic insights to UC capital programs staff at two presentations during the Spring of 2013. Joining them was Sandra Beck of UCSF. Sandra wet our whistles last fall with a presentation and discussion on IPD and are generously following up with her more detailed insights.

This program was held at UC Berkeley on March 26, 2013 and at UCLA on April 4, 2013.


  • 9:00 Introduction – Chris Hornbeck
  • The Power of Lean – Sandra Beck
  • The Principles of Lean – Glenn Ballard and Iris Tommelein
  • The real world – Sandra Beck
  • 3:00 Panel discussion – All Participants.     

Location Information:

  • UC Berkeley
  • UC Los Angeles
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