Managing Building Information Modeling

Using BIM for Leaner Construction

Building Information Modeling has come a long way from being just known as 3-D architectural studies.  BIM is about the brains and the people, more so than the bits and pixels. It is a real tool to manage construction from clash detection to orchestrating materials on the job site; to operating the building. With this CPI event, we heard top industry professionals speak about the virtues of BIM and its uses. Presenters included DPR Construction, Southland Industries, Inc., bimScore, Juan Torrez and Bob Pizzi from UCSF Capital Programs and Stuart Eckblad of UCSF Medical Center.  But more importantly, they shared their hard earned wisdom on how to best manage BIM on your project from design to operations.  Attendees left with tips on how to get the most project value from BIM, without having to be a CAD computer jockey. 

This seminar was offered on:

September 4, 2013 in downtown Oakland; and September 11, 2013 on UCSD. If you want the presentation, please contact Chris Hornbeck.