Construction Review Board

For informally bid projects, Facility’s decision is final and not appealable within the University.

For all other projects, the Bidder whose Bid is the subject of the protest, all Bidders affected by the Facility's decision on the protest, and the protestor have the right to appeal to the Construction Review Board if not satisfied with Facility's decision. The appeal must be in writing and shall specify the decision being appealed and all the facts and circumstances relied upon in support of the appeal.

A hard copy of the appeal must be received by the Chair, Construction Review Board, not later than 5:00 pm on the 3rd business day following appellant's receipt of the written decision of Facility, at the following address:

Chair, Construction Review Board
University of California
Office of the President
1111 Franklin Street, 6th Floor
Oakland, CA 94607-5200
Attention: Director, Design & Construction Policy

And, by email to:

A copy of the appeal must be sent to all parties involved in the Bid protest and to Facility, to the same address and in the same manner as the original protest. An appeal received after 5:00 pm is considered received as of the next business day. If the final date for receipt of an appeal falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or University holiday, the appeal will be considered timely only if received by 5:00 pm on the following business day. The burden of proving timely receipt of the appeal is on the appealing party.

The Facility must determine the date on which a protestor receives the Facility's written decision on a bid protest because the time within which a bid protest appeal may be filed is measured from that date of receipt. The Facility should contact the protestor to confirm receipt of the decision or send the decision in a manner that will provide confirmation of delivery. (Section 7.2.3)

Hearing on the appeal

The Chair of the Construction Review Board will review the Facility's decision and the appeal, and issue a written decision, or if appropriate, appoint a Hearing Officer to conduct a hearing and issue a written decision. If a hearing is held, the hearing shall be held not later than the 10th day following the appointment of the Hearing Officer unless the Hearing Officer for good cause determines otherwise. The written decision of the Chair or Hearing Officer will state the basis of the decision, and the decision will be final and not subject to any further appeal to University. The Chair or Hearing Officer may consult with the University's Office of the General Counsel on the decision as to legal form.