Comparison of Prequalification Systems




Recommended delivery systems

Basic Lump Sum, Multiple Prime

Design Build, CM at Risk

Setting Up

Minimum requirements for qualifications must be set very carefully. 
Some items might be automatic disqualifiers

Points must be carefully distributed between categories to reflect what is most important to the project. 
A bidder that scores low on one item may still qualify by scoring higher on another item.

Evaluation time

Takes less time to evaluate. 
It might be helpful to research the average experience of the best contractors and determine reasonable requirements for a competitive number of qualified bidders.

Takes more time to evaluate since it requires a team to review and calculate the points. Second step interviews are recommended.


The objective minimum requirements could make it harder for the disqualified bidder to contest the University decision.

There could be potential for bidder to argue against the points given to them vs. their competitors.