University Policies

Volume 1, Chapter 5: List of Regents and Presidential Policies


This chapter contains Regents and Presidential policies that may be referenced by the Facilities Manual.

5.1 Text of referenced Policies

A complete list of Regents Policies can be found at

A complete list of Presidential Policies can be found at

Regents' Policies

DATE TITLE & Policy #
1/20/11 Regents Policy 8302: Policy On State Funding Of Capital Projects: UC Endorsement Of Educational Facilities Bond Measure Campaigns 
Policy Statement
01/20/11 Regents Policy 8102: Policy On Approval Of Design, Long Range Development Plans, And The Administration Of The California Environmental Quality ACT
Policy Statement

University Procedures for Implementation of CEQA
Policy Statement 

09/22/05 Regents Policy 8201: Policy On Naming Facilities To Include Full Name Of Individual
Policy Statement
09/22/05 Regents Policy 8101: Policy On Campus And Community Planning And Development
Policy Statement
09/22/05 Regents Policy 8401: Policy On The Acceptance Of Gifts For Housing Student Groups
Policy Statement
09/22/05 Regents Policy 5201: Policy On Fundraising Campaigns 
Policy Statement
09/22/05 Regents Policy 5301: University Risk Financing Policy
Policy Statement
03/21/97 Regents Policy 5401: Policy On Procurement Of Foreign-Made Equipment, Materials, Or Supplies Produced By Forced, Convict, Or Indentured Labor
Policy Statement
10/21/77 Regents Policy 5303: Policy On Borrowing From Combined Investment Portfolios Of The Short-Term Investment Pool And The Total Return Investment Pool
Policy Statement

Regents Policy 5503: Policy on Bonding Requirement for Construction Contracts
Policy Statement
(Authority delegated in DA 2564)

Presidential Policies


Seismic Safety Policy (replaces Policy on Seismic Safety- 1/17/1995, the Seismic Safety Policy for Leased and Purchased Facilities- 6/29/2007, the Policy for Independent Seismic Review of Capital Projects- 6/29/2007, the Seismic Safety Policy - 9/15/14, and the Interim Seismic Safety Policy - 1/9/17)
Seismic Policy


University-Provided Housing & Related Renovations/Remodeling
Policy Statement
DA 2598 (supersedes 2574, 2574 supersedes 2230, 2230 supersedes 2223, 2223 supersedes 2158 & 2159)

08/26/11 Policy On Sustainable Practices establishes goals in eight areas of sustainable practices: green building, clean energy, transportation, climate protection, sustainable operations, waste reduction and recycling, environmentally preferable purchasing, and sustainable foodservice.
03/01/10 University-wide Statement on Conflict of Interest
G-39 Conflict of Interest Policy and Compendium of Specialized University Policies Guidelines, and Regulations related to Conflict of Interest
Policy Statement
09/11/06 Delegation of Authority and Administrative Guidelines for Allocation and Reallocation of Gifts and Bequests to The Regents and the Campus Foundations 
DA 2168 OR 
DA 2169 

Safeguards, Security and Emergency Management
Issuance Letter and Policy Statement


Management of Health, Safety and the Environment
Policy Statement


Naming University Properties, Academic and Non-Academic Programs, and Facilities 
Issuance Letter and Policy Statement 

09/04/02 University Guidelines on Contracting for Services
04/07/98 Administrative Guidelines on the Procurement of Foreign-Made Equipment, Materials, or Supplies Produced by Forced, Convict, or Indentured Labor
Issuance Letter & Guidelines 
 01/01/96 Policy to Ensure Equal Opportunity in University Business Contracting 
Policy Statement  
 04/05/94 DA 2016 Administration of University of California Housing Facilities
Policy Statement 
11/01/93 Capital Improvement Program Management
Policy Statement
04/03/87 Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, Reporting Obligations of Designated Employees
Policy Statement 
07/17/85 Policy for Independent Design and Cost Review of Building Plans
Policy Statement 

Capital Improvements on University Land
Policy Statement 

08/17/64 Policy on Equipment Budgeting For New or Remodeled Buildings
Policy Statement

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