California Environmental Quality Act of 1970 (CEQA)

Amended University Procedures for Implementation

Original Issue/Approval Date: June 15, 1973
Last Revision: March 17, 1989 (Published March 20, 1989)


[Editor's Note: The following policy has been redrafted for the Facilities Manual in order to reflect current University procedures and guidelines.]

The Regents approved the Amended University Procedures for Implementation of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) to ensure that:

  1. In the planning for each University project, environmental concerns be taken into account as early as feasible and throughout the planning process to enable environmental considerations to influence the project program and design.
  2. Each University project be evaluated as objectively as possible to determine the need for an environmental document.
  3. If an environmental document were required, it be in full compliance with the spirit and intent of CEQA, as amended.
  4. If an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) were prepared, it would provide the University and the public with detailed information on the significant environmental consequences of the proposed project.
  5. An EIR examine the means for avoiding or significantly reducing any adverse environmental impacts of the proposed project to enable The Regents, the President, or the administrative unit to decide if the project should proceed, be revised, or be abandoned, considering its objectives, its consequences, and the alternatives available.
  6. Significant, avoidable damage to the environment be prevented by changes in the project through the use of feasible alternatives or mitigation measures.
  7. Reasons for project approval be disclosed to the public.


In compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act, The Regents adopted procedures consistent with the state guidelines on June 15, 1973. These procedures are intended to meet the spirit and intent of the law and to ensure the long-term protection and enhancement of the California environment. These procedures have been amended several times since their adoption (see the Procedural Handbook and Model Approach for Implementing the California Environmental Quality Act, published by the University of California, Office of the President)

Additional CEQA Policy: Regents Policy on Approval Of Design, Long Range Development Plans, And The Administration Of The California Environmental Quality ACT (8102)

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