Capital Improvement Program Management

[Editor's Note: This policy addresses, specifically, the design, contract administration, and inspection of capital improvement projects.]

Original Issue/Approval Date: July 8, 1981
Last Revision: November 1, 1993


[Editor's Note: The following policy has been redrafted for the Facilities Manual in order to reflect current University procedures and guidelines.]

Design. University policy is to have design work for major capital improvement projects performed by design professionals unless an exception to have the work performed by Facility personnel is specifically approved by the Chancellor or Vice President Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Design of all other projects, including minor capital improvement projects, may be performed by either Facility personnel, design professionals, or Facility personnel supplemented by consultants.

The Lawrence laboratories, because of laboratory requirements, may perform any design work with laboratory personnel.

Contract Administration. University policy is to have contract administration performed by either design professionals or by Facility personnel. When the design of a major capital improvement project is performed by a design professional, then that design professional shall perform the contract administration unless an exception to have the contract administration performed by Facility personnel is made by the responsible Facility administrator. The Facility may perform contract administration on all other projects designed by a design professional.

Inspection Responsibility. University policy is for the Facility to determine proper responsibility for inspection.



This policy was set forth in President Saxon's letter to the Chancellors et al., of July 8, 1981; it was originally written for the Facilities Manual and was subsequently revised on September 1, 1989, and on November 1, 1993.



[Editor's Note: Definitions that accompanied this policy were updated for the Facilities Manual and are now contained in Resource Directory 3: Glossary.]