RD3.10: Notice to Proceed

University of California


Office: _______________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________ 

(Contractor's Name)



(City), (State) (Zip)

Project Number: ________________________________

Project Name: ________________________________


Congratulations on being awarded the Contract for the construction of the above Project. This letter will serve as your notice to proceed.

Work shall commence on ______________________, 19 ______, and be fully completed within the Contract Time

of ______________days thereafter.

A Pre-Construction Conference will be held at:


on ___________________________ (Date)

at:______________________________(Time of Day)

to enable you to meet the persons who will be working with you and administering the Contract during the course of construction and to answer any questions you might have concerning the Project or procedures.

We look forward to working with you and feel certain that this will be a successful Project.

Very truly yours,

(University's Representative)


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