RD2.6: Bid Form Check-off List: Competitive Bidding

(see FM5:6.3.1)

The Bid Form requires the bidder to insert information and attach various completed forms. If required information is not given, is incomplete, or is conflicting, or if forms are not attached or are incomplete, then the bid may be non-responsive.

The following check list lists information as it appears sequentially in the Bid Form. If the information is given or form attached, place a check mark in the space provided. If items are not required, insert N/A or some similar notation. Note any irregularities after the described item.

[Note: Page numbers match Long Form, Revision 2.1, Bid Form. Change page numbers as required to match actual Bid Form.]

Page 1
_____Firm name _____Address
_____ Telephone number
_____ Date Bid submitted

Page 3
_____ Lump Sum Base Bid in words
_____ Lump Sum Base Bid in figures
_____ Unit Price(s) in words
_____ Unit Price(s) in figures
_____ Daily Rate of Compensation in words
_____ Daily Rate of Compensation in figures

Page 4

    _____Price in words
    _____Price in figures
    (Repeat as required)

Page 5
_____List of Subcontractors

    _____Work activity
    _____City _____State

Page 6
_____List of Subcontractors,
_____Alternate No.
_____Work Activity
_____City _____State

Page 7
Representations of Bidder

_____ Type of organization, corporation, etc.
_____ State organized
_____ Names of firm members
_____ Name of President
_____ Name of Secretary

California Contractors License
_____ Name
_____Expiration date

Page 8
Pre-Bid Conference
_____Date of Pre-Bid Conference

Completed Attachments
_____Bid Security
_____Other required attachments

Page 9
Bidder data
_____Bidder's firm name


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