RD2.5: Bid Form Check-off List: Informal Bidding

(see FM5:6.3.1)

The Bid Form requires the bidder to insert information and attach various completed forms. If required information is not given, is incomplete, or is conflicting, or if forms are not attached or are incomplete, then the bid may be non-responsive.

The following check list lists information as it appears sequentially in the Bid Form. If the information is given or form attached, place a check mark in the space provided. If items are not required, insert N/A or some similar notation. Note any irregularities after the described item.

_____ Lump Sum Bid in words
_____ Lump Sum Bid in figures
_____ Receipt of Addenda

California Contractors License
_____ Name
_____Expiration date

_____Bidder's firm name
_____Type of Organization
_____Telephone Number

When using Informal Competitive Bidding under Public Contract Code 10504.5, and when construction value exceeds $300,000 but does not exceed $640,000 the following additional items must be checked.

_____ Registered with the Department of Industrial Relations (Link to DIR Website)

_____ Base Qualified per Vol. 5, Ch. 2, Section 1.2



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