RD1.6: Sample Letter: Bid Protest Decision

(see FM5:9.12)

[Place on Facility letterhead.]

By Facsimile and Registered Mail

July 31, 1992

Mr. Rex R. Jobs
Reliable Construction Co. Inc.
123 5th Street
San Francisco, CA 91463-1608

Subject: Bid Protest Decision Emergency Care Alts, Step 16, Project Number, University of California, San Francisco

Dear Mr. Jobs:

After reviewing your protest letter of June 15, 1992, and the bidding documents, the University of California, San Francisco, has upheld the protest.

The University rejects the low bid of XYZ Builders on the following bases:

  1. XYZ Builders does not have the required B license because its license expired six months ago.
  2. The bid preference claimed by XYZ Builders is disallowed because XYZ Builders is not an SDBE firm.

XYZ Builders has three days following receipt of its copy of this decision letter to make a written appeal. The appeal must be made as specified in Article 7.2.3 of the Instructions to Bidders.



Brooke N. Smith, Project Manager

cc: General Counsel {General Counsel's Surname}
XYZ Builders, Attention: Mr. Harry N. Brown
Chair, Construction Review Board

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