RD1.5: Material Substitution Proposal

(see FM5:11.3.5)

To: {University's Representative}



Project No.:


  1. We hereby submit for your consideration the following product instead of the specified item:


    1. Section _________________ Article Number ____________________


    2. Specified Item _______________________________________________


    3. Proposed Substitution (Mfg., Type, Model, etc.) ______________________________


  2. Complete all of the following:


    1. Does this substitution offer University a cost credit (including costs for changes by other subcontractors)?

      _____Yes _____No How much?______________


    2. Does this substitution offer earlier delivery or less Contract Time?
      _____Yes _____No

      How much and why? _________________________________________________________________


    3. How does this substitution affect any dimensions, layout, or details of other subcontractors as shown on the Drawings? 


    4. What are the specific differences between this substitution and the specified item?


  3. Attach the following as applicable (Check if attached)


    1. Manufacturer's technical data _____
    2. Laboratory test or performance results _____
    3. Drawings & wiring diagrams of the proposed product _____
    4. Drawings & description of changes required by other subcontractors _____
    5. Samples _____
    6. Manufacturer's guarantee & maintenance instructions _____


  4. Submitted by Contractor ____________________________________________________

    Signature ________________________ Date ________________________


For Use Only by University's Representative
Accepted Rejected Revise and Resubmit See Attached


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