Executive Design Professional Agreement Lite with any Delivery Method 

The EDPA Lite is proposed for use for design services on a project where the expected fee + reimbursables shall not exceed $100K. It could be used to contract with an architect of record, engineer of record or for other design services as long as it meets the dollar threshold. It could also be used for one or more phases of design plus for programmatic studies, when needed.

For complex projects (even if the dollar amount is low), the standard EDPA is recommended, especially if the services for the project were advertised. 

The following documents are approved by the Office of the President and the Office of General Counsel for use by the facility. Instructions and cover sheets contained in these documents are for the facility only and should be removed prior to distribution. Documents identified as "Core Documents" shall not be modified by the facility. Any revisions to these templates are made and issued by the Office of the President.


Full Contract with Exhibits

Revised May 26, 2016 (Change # FM 16-003-C)

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