Preliminary Systemwide Report on Crime, Use of Force and UC Police Department (UCPD) Workforce

The UC Community Safety Plan calls on all UC campuses to collect and publicly share uniform campus safety data to empower the UC community and inform change. To demonstrate our commitment to transparency and continuous improvement through data, a Community Safety Data Dashboard Workgroup commenced in Fall 2021 to meet the plan’s key milestones, including posting of existing public reports on the systemwide Community Safety website and the development of a systemwide dashboard. Consistent with the plan, the Workgroup is using a phased implementation based on quality, availability and consistency of data by category across all ten UC campuses.

In the first phase, we are reposting public reports on Crimes and Use of Force data here in a central location and launching a new systemwide police department workforce report. These reposted Crimes and Use of Force reports reflect data gathered and summarized according to federal and state reporting requirements.

In the second phase, we will collect aggregate data on a quarterly basis. Data will be collected using standardized templates to record crimes, use of force, stops, complaints, calls for service and budget and to expand information about those in contact with the police through these actions, including the person’s race/ethnicity and their UC affiliation (staff, faculty, student, non-affiliated). The Workgroup will develop a systemwide dashboard for these new, central aggregate data collections.

In the third phase, the Workgroup will recommend a governance structure to maintain and enhance the systemwide data collection and dashboard. This phase will allow the UC community, as represented in the Workgroup, to make recommendations on data collection and reporting to support the goal of community empowerment and change.

Our ten campus websites provide relevant and practical information to help you prevent and better respond in the event of a crime or public safety emergency. Please find the link to each UCPD website below:

Please send any comments or questions about the preliminary campus safety reports to UC Campus Safety.