The UC CEQA Handbook is in the process of being updated to reflect the latest CEQA Statute, Guidelines, and University policy. The changes will be made to various sections as they become available, and it is anticipated that the update will be complete in July 2018. As provided in Section 1.2, the Handbook has not been formally adopted by The Regents and is a guidance document, functioning as a companion volume to CEQA and the CEQA Guidelines; it’s provisions are not mandatory, and it is intended to provide a general framework for implementing CEQA throughout the UC system.

UC CEQA Handbook: Table of Contents
    Entire CEQA Handbook in PDF Format


1.1 Purpose of CEQA [PDF]
1.2 Purpose of the UC CEQA Handbook [PDF]
1.3 CEQA Roles of the University of California [PDF]
1.4 Framework, Organization and Contents of the UC Handbook [PDF]
1.5 How to Use the UC CEQA Handbook [PDF]


2.0.1 UC CEQA Process Flow Chart
2.0.2 The Timing for Preparing Environmental Documents

2.1 Project Definition/Classification/Initial Study [PDF]

2.1.1 Project Definition [PDF]
2.1.2 Environmental Classification [PDF]
2.1.3 CEQA Exemptions [PDF]
2.1.4 Initial Study [PDF]
2.1.5 Agency Consultation [PDF]
2.1.6 Determination of Significance [PDF]
2.1.7 Decision to Prepare a Negative Declaration or an EIR [PDF]

2.2 Negative Declaration And Mitigated Negative Declaration [PDF]

2.2.1 Preparation of a Negative Declaration/Mitigated Negative Declaration [PDF]
2.2.2 Public Notice/Agency and Public Review [PDF]
2.2.3 Response to Comments and Recirculation (if required) [PDF]
2.2.4 Preparation of Final Negative Declaration or Mitigated Negative Declaration, Findings, and Mitigation Monitoring Program [PDF]
2.2.5 Project Approval for Negative Declaration or Mitigated Negative Declaration [PDF]
2.2.6 Notice of Determination (NOD) for Negative Declaration or Mitigated Negative Declaration [PDF]
2.2.7 Thirty Day Statute of Limitations [PDF]

2.3 Environmental Impact Report [PDF]

2.3.1 Determining Which Type of EIR to Prepare [PDF]
2.3.2 Notice of Preparation (NOP) [PDF]
2.3.3 NOP Review Period [PDF]
2.3.4 Scoping Session [PDF]
2.3.5 Preparation of Administrative Draft EIR [PDF]
2.3.6 Administrative Review (Campus, Office of the President and General Counsel) [PDF]
2.3.7 Preparation of Draft EIR [PDF]
2.3.8 Notice of Completion (NOC) [PDF]
2.3.9 Public Review of Draft EIR [PDF]
2.3.10 Public Hearing [PDF]
2.3.11 Recirculation of an EIR Prior to Certification [PDF]
2.3.12 Preparation of Final EIR: Comments and Responses Document [PDF]
2.3.13 Findings and Statement of Overriding Considerations [PDF]
2.3.14 Preparation of Regents’ Items [PDF]
2.3.15 Certification of the EIR and Project Approval [PDF]
2.3.16 Notice of Determination (NOD) for an EIR [PDF]
2.3.17 Thirty Day Statute of Limitations [PDF]

2.4 Findings [PDF]

2.5 Hiring and Managing Consultants and Attorney [PDF]

2.6 Relationship to Other Environmental Laws and Regulations [PDF]

2.7 Structuring the LRDP EIR [PDF]

2.8 Structuring Tiered Documents [PDF]



3.1 Initial Study [PDF]

3.1.1 Introduction to Preparing Initial Studies [PDF]
3.1.2 Initial Study Format and Content [PDF]

3.2 Negative Declaration And Mitigated Negative Declaration [PDF]

3.2.1 Introduction to Preparing Negative Declarations [PDF]
3.2.2 Negative Declaration Format and Content [PDF]
3.2.3 Mitigated Negative Declaration [PDF]

3.3 Environmental Impact Report [PDF]

3.3.1 Introduction to Preparing EIRs [PDF]
3.3.2 EIR Introduction [PDF]
3.3.3 Summary [PDF]
3.3.4 Project Description for EIR [PDF]
3.3.5 Setting/Impacts/Mitigation Measures [PDF]
3.3.6 Aesthetics [PDF]
3.3.7 Agricultural Resources [PDF]
3.3.8 Air Quality [PDF]
3.3.9 Biological Resources [PDF]
3.3.10 Cultural Resources [PDF]
3.3.11 Geology and Soils [PDF]
3.3.12 Hazards and Hazardous Materials [PDF]
3.3.13 Hydrology and Water Quality [PDF]
3.3.14 Land Use and Planning [PDF]
3.3.15 Mineral Resources [PDF]
3.3.16 Noise [PDF]
3.3.17 Population and Housing [PDF]
3.3.18 Public Services [PDF]
3.3.19 Recreation [PDF]
3.3.20 Transportation/Traffic [PDF]
3.3.21 Utilities, Energy and Service Systems [PDF]
3.3.22 Growth-Inducing Impacts [PDF]
3.3.23 Cumulative Impacts [PDF]
3.3.24 Significant Irreversible Changes [PDF]
3.3.25 Alternatives [PDF]
3.3.26 Technical Appendices/Incorporation by Reference [PDF]

3.4 Findings [PDF]

3.5 Approving Projects Following Approval of an LRDP [PDF]

3.6 Administrative Record [PDF]



4.1 Formal Requirements [PDF]

4.2 Informal Techniques [PDF]



5.1 Introduction [PDF]

5.2 Developing Mitigation Measures and a Monitoring Program [PDF]

5.3 The LRDP EIR Mitigation Measure and Monitoring Framework [PDF]


Figure 1 UC CEQA Roles Section 1.3
Figure 2 UC CEQA Process Flow Chart Section 2.0.1
Figure 3 Environmental Classification Section 2.1.2
Figure 4 Fair Argument Standard Section 2.1.7
Figure 5 Administrative Review Section 2.3.6
Figure 6 Notice of Completion Section 2.3.8
Figure 7 Public Review Section 2.3.9
Figure 8 Findings Section 2.3.13
Figure 9 Project Alternatives Section 3.3.25
Figure 10 Program LRDP EIR Section 3.5
Figure 11 Types of Mitigation Measures for LRDP EIRs Section 5.3
Figure 12 Mitigation Monitoring Process for LRDP EIR: Project-Related Actions Section 5.3
Figure 13 Mitigation Monitoring Process for LRDP EIR:Service Levels Section 5.3
Figure 14 Mitigation Monitoring Process for LRDP EIR: Administrative Measures Section 5.3

Table 1 Timeline For Preparing Environmental Documents Section 2.0.2
Table 2 CEQA/NEPA Comparison of Procedures Section 2.6
Table 3 Contents of EIRs and EISs Section 2.6
Table 4 Sample EIR Summary Table Section 3.3.3
Table 5 Sample Alternatives Matrix Section 3.3.25
Table 6 Comparison of State Statute Definition of Administrative Record and Suggested UC Equivalents Section 3.6
Table 7 Public Participation in the UC CEQA process Section 4.1
Table 8 Steps in the Public Involvement Process Section 4.2
Table 9 Models, Tools, and Techniques for Public Involvement Section 4.2
Table 10 Sample Mitigation Monitoring Status Report Checklist Section 5.1

Appendix A Amended UC Procedures for Implementation of CEQA (pdf)
Appendix B Project Planning Guide (PPG) Outline
Appendix C Environmental Impact Classification Form (EIC Form) (doc)
Appendix D Notice of Exemption (pdf)
Appendix E Environmental Checklist/Initial Study (pdf)
Appendix F List of Reviewing Agencies
Appendix G Notice of Intent to Adopt a Negative Declaration (pdf)
Appendix H Notice of Completion – Negative Declaration (pdf)
Appendix I Environmental Document Transmittal Form
Appendix J Notice of Determination – Negative Declaration (pdf)
Appendix K Sample Campus Approval Letter
Appendix L Notice of Preparation – EIR (pdf)
Appendix M Notice of Completion – EIR (pdf)
Appendix N Notice of Determination – Findings (pdf)
Appendix O Notice of Determination – EIR (pdf)
Appendix P Department of Fish and Game Certificate of Fee Exemption (pdf)