UC CEQA Handbook: Chapter 2 - Procedural Requirements
    Chapter 2 in PDF Format

2.0.1 UC CEQA Process Flow Chart
2.0.2 The Timing for Preparing Environmental Documents

2.1 Project Definition/Classification/Initial Study [PDF]

2.1.1 Project Definition [PDF]
2.1.2 Environmental Classification [PDF]
2.1.3 CEQA Exemptions [PDF]
2.1.4 Initial Study [PDF]
2.1.5 Agency Consultation [PDF]
2.1.6 Determination of Significance [PDF]
2.1.7 Decision to Prepare a Negative Declaration or an EIR [PDF]

2.2 Negative Declaration And Mitigated Negative Declaration [PDF]

2.2.1 Preparation of a Negative Declaration/Mitigated Negative Declaration [PDF]
2.2.2 Public Notice/Agency and Public Review [PDF]
2.2.3 Response to Comments and Recirculation (if required) [PDF]
2.2.4 Preparation of Final Negative Declaration or Mitigated Negative Declaration, Findings, and Mitigation Monitoring Program [PDF]
2.2.5 Project Approval for Negative Declaration or Mitigated Negative Declaration [PDF]
2.2.6 Notice of Determination (NOD) for Negative Declaration or Mitigated Negative Declaration [PDF]
2.2.7 Thirty Day Statute of Limitations [PDF]

2.3 Environmental Impact Report [PDF]

2.3.1 Determining Which Type of EIR to Prepare [PDF]
2.3.2 Notice of Preparation (NOP) [PDF]
2.3.3 NOP Review Period [PDF]
2.3.4 Scoping Session [PDF]
2.3.5 Preparation of Administrative Draft EIR [PDF]
2.3.6 Administrative Review (Campus, Office of the President and General Counsel) [PDF]
2.3.7 Preparation of Draft EIR [PDF]
2.3.8 Notice of Completion (NOC) [PDF]
2.3.9 Public Review of Draft EIR [PDF]
2.3.10 Public Hearing [PDF]
2.3.11 Recirculation of an EIR Prior to Certification [PDF]
2.3.12 Preparation of Final EIR: Comments and Responses Document [PDF]
2.3.13 Findings and Statement of Overriding Considerations [PDF]
2.3.14 Preparation of Regentsí Items [PDF]
2.3.15 Certification of the EIR and Project Approval [PDF]
2.3.16 Notice of Determination (NOD) for an EIR [PDF]
2.3.17 Thirty Day Statute of Limitations [PDF]

2.4 Findings [PDF]

2.5 Hiring and Managing Consultants and Attorney [PDF]

2.6 Relationship to Other Environmental Laws and Regulations [PDF]

2.7 Structuring the LRDP EIR [PDF]

2.8 Structuring Tiered Documents [PDF]