Appendix A Amended UC Procedures for Implementation of CEQA (pdf)
Appendix B Project Planning Guide (PPG) Outline
Appendix C Environmental Impact Classification Form (EIC Form) (doc)
Appendix D Notice of Exemption (pdf)
Appendix E Environmental Checklist/Initial Study (doc)
Appendix F List of Reviewing Agencies
Appendix G Notice of Intent to Adopt a Negative Declaration (pdf)
Appendix H Notice of Completion - Negative Declaration (pdf)
Appendix I Environmental Document Transmittal Form (pdf)
This website is Appendix C of the CEQA Guidelines which includes both the State’s Form for a Notice of Completion, the Environmental Document Transmittal Form, and Checklist for Reviewing Agencies. Use UC’s format for Notice of Completion (Appendix H (pdf) ) along with the State’s Environmental Document Transmittal Form to transmit the Initial Study to the Office of Planning and Research.
Appendix J Notice of Determination – Negative Declaration (pdf)
Appendix K Sample Campus Approval Letter
Appendix L Notice of Preparation – EIR (pdf)
Appendix M Notice of Completion – EIR (pdf)
Appendix N Notice of Determination - Findings (pdf)
Appendix O Notice of Determination – EIR (pdf)
Appendix P Department of Fish and Game Certificate of Fee Exemption (COFE) (pdf)