Stale Content

Filter Stale Content by Folders

You can now zero in on just the content that matters to you.

Folder filters are specific to each user and can be applied to both stale assets:


and assets needing review:

stale content filter

Exportable Stale Content Report

Information viewed in the Stale Content tab can be now exported as a CSV file. Exported stale content data can be used for historical data comparison and for sharing the report with non-Cascade Server users.

export stale content report

export stale content report

Stale Content Dashboard

The Stale Content dashboard helps users identify and take action on stale content and manage their content reviews. Users can define what content should be considered stale or scheduled for review by using the filters in the Stale Content tab. You can filter content by the last time the content was updated or by the Review Date. 

Only pages and files are considered when listing stale content. 

stale content dashboard