Enid Partika

Bonnie Reiss CNI Fellow Class of 2020

Bonnie Reiss CNI Fellow 
Graduate Student, Environmental Chemistry
UC San Diego


Enid is continuing her work in partnership with Engineers for a Sustainable World to design and construct an anaerobic bio-digester and absorption biogas purification system at an on-campus garden. For the coming year, Enid hopes to improve the functionality of the small-scale digestion and biogas purification systems eventually using it to power a greenhouse growing organic fruits and vegetables using the electricity and heating from stored methane. The nitrate-rich organic soil residue and captured CO2 from the purification process will be used to enhance plant growth in the greenhouse and further lead to carbon sequestration through soil enrichment. In addition, she will be building a second digester to expand the site’s ability to process organic waste from campus.

Project Poster