Ereca Nguyen

Bonnie Reiss CNI Fellow Class of 2019

Bonnie Reiss CNI Fellow 
Doctor of Pharmacy Program
UC San Francisco


Ereca will coordinate Earth Health, a student elective course addressing climate change and health offered by the School of Pharmacy to include environmental justice, policy advocacy, sustainable food practices, institutional waste reduction, and pharmaceutical waste management. She will work with other professional schools on campus to create an interdisciplinary student organization called Human Health and Climate Change Club to raise awareness on climate impacts on human health and increase participation in the 2019 Cool Campus Challenge. The club will focus on strategies to incorporate sustainability across the respective schools and various healthcare settings as well as preparing students to be at the forefront of advocating for environmental justice, educating patients, and endorsing policy changes to protect and promote health. Lastly, Ereca will work on a project that examines patient knowledge and practices of handling and disposing oral anticancer chemotherapy medications to improve public safety.


Project Poster