Gabriela Weigel

CNI Fellow Class of 2018

CNI Fellow 
MD Candidate, School of Medicine 


Gabriela is part a team whose project centers around an elective for 1st and 2nd year UCSF students held in Fall 2017, entitled “Women’s Health, the Environment, and Health Professional Activism.” The course focuses on the intersection of climate change and inequality, particularly in relation to women. The elective consists of 10 one-hour lunchtime sessions and a 2-hour documentary viewing, with topics including inequality and climate change, prenatal health and reproductive outcomes, sustainable food practices and strategies for providers counseling patients on environmental hazards. Students enrolled in the course will take pre- and post-course surveys to assess the effect of the course on student interest in environmental activism. The aim is to integrate considerations of women’s health and the environment into a science-based curriculum, inspiring culture change and leadership through education.