Lauren Jabusch

CNI Fellow — Class of 2016

CNI Student Engagement Fellow
Graduate Student, Biological and Agricultural Engineering


CNI Engagement Campaign Support


Lauren will support the Carbon Neutrality Initiative’s engagement campaigns in the following ways:

  • Coordinating communication and promotion for the Cool Campus Challenge amongst staff, faculty, and students on all 10 UC campuses. The Challenge is a competition between UC campuses during fall 2015 to motivate and reward staff, faculty, and students for reducing their carbon footprints and to get them involved in helping the UC system reach its 2025 Carbon Neutrality goal.
  • Leading and coordinating the efforts of the Student Engagement Fellows at each of the 10 campuses. This will include managing social media, blog posts, and internal communication within the community of student engagement fellows.

Sharing information and experiences among the community of student fellows and with the broader UC community.

Project Poster