Kyle S. Hemes

CNI Fellow — Class of 2016

Graduate Student, Environmental Science, Policy and Management, Ecosystem Sciences Division, Biometeorology Lab
UC Berkeley/ANR


Restoring California’s Peatlands: Coupling Biogeochemical and Biogeophysical Impacts on the Climate


Building on a considerable existing data set of continuous land-atmosphere exchange over various land uses in the Delta, the objective of Kyle’s project is to measure, model, and project the long-term coupled biogeochemical and biogeophysical climate impacts of wetland restoration in the Delta’s important wetland-agriculture mosaic. Using an expanding network of eddy covariance flux towers to measure continuous, long-term greenhouse gas and energy balance between land and atmosphere will allow for an assessment of how the less-appreciated biogeophysical forcing attenuate or amplify the net biogeochemical impacts of wetland restoration.

Project Poster