Amelia Unsicker

CNI Fellow - Class of 2015

Graduate Student, Dance
UC Irvine


Climate Communications: Innovative and Creative Student Engagement Strategies


This project seeks to develop new and innovative forms of student engagement around climate change. In coordination with the student representatives of the Global Climate Leadership Council, students will be asked what could be added on campus that would further their interest in climate change issues and the types of engagement students would like on campus. Surveys will be used to collect data from students about their interests in climate action. A new platform that includes a systemwide climate resource website and social media campaigns will be created to network the endeavors of the UC schools. Visual and performing arts will be used as a form of climate communication to enhance student engagement and increase awareness of climate justice and UC’s efforts to address carbon neutrality.


Goals include building a systemwide platform that will: network climate action efforts across UC campuses; provide resources for those who want to engage in climate and sustainability action; include blog posts about research, projects and events; a calendar of events; links to student organizations; links to local community organizations; links to social media sites; showcase information regarding the Carbon Neutrality Initiative. Other goals include creating engaging social media accounts; helping organize the UC Irvine Know Tomorrow event Oct. 2; analyzing 100 or more survey responses; and using visual and performing arts as a climate communications tool.

Future Plans

I am a Carbon Neutrality Initiative communications fellow through December 2015. Through my graduate thesis endeavors in the Department of Dance at UC Irvine, I plan to continue the utilization of visual and performing arts to communicate climate change awareness. With the aid of the Global Sustainability Resource Center and the Global Climate Leadership Council, I intend to further my investigation of student interest in climate-related social media and networking platforms. In doing so, I will help establish an easily accessible climate action platform for UC students.


Katie Hoffman, Abigail Reyes, Diana Lofflin, Mojgan Sami, Shaun Boyle, John Crawford and Lisa Naugle.