Hope Pollard

CNI Fellow - Class of 2015

Graduate Student, Urban and Regional Planning
UC Irvine


UC Reserves for Energy Efficiency Learning (UC REELs)


UC REELs assists the UC Natural Reserve System in becoming a beacon of energy efficiency by connecting student groups with their local reserves and providing detailed energy audits. These audits will note potential usage and infrastructure changes that can be implemented to save energy and aid the system in becoming carbon neutral.


This project aids the UC Natural Reserve System in becoming a united beacon of energy efficiency. It should provide the system with specialized usage recommendations, and also create a comprehensive list of potential infrastructure changes that could save the system money and aid in reaching carbon neutrality. It also should bring awareness to UC members about the valuable resources that are the natural reserves.

Future Plans

Plans are to secure donations for LEDs and other small infrastructure changes, and to secure additional funding for further traveling expenditures, so that all recommended infrastructure changes can be implemented throughout the UC Natural Reserve System.


Scott Bollens, Mojgan Sami, Victor Becerra, UC Irvine; and the UC Natural Reserve System