Alden Phinney

CNI Fellow - Class of 2015

Undergraduate Student, Global Economics / Sustainability
UC Santa Cruz


Climate and Energy Strategy


I'm working to enhance communication with the student body around climate change and carbon neutrality, as well as working on a revolving loan fund financing proposal for energy-efficiency projects. I facilitated a student seminar on climate action organizing and helped the undergraduates in creating a zine. Through the summer, I will be constructing an outreach and engagement plan for the climate action planning process after the conclusion of the Climate and Energy Strategy in early 2016.


Research and identify best practices in financing carbon reduction measures. Facilitate a student section on climate action organizing to share knowledge and galvanize action. Construct an outreach plan for the Sustainability Office’s Climate Action Team for the conclusion of the Climate and Energy Strategy.

Future Plans

Finish creation of the climate action planning outreach strategy this summer. Provide blog updates from Paris as I organize around and attend the Paris Climate Conference (COP21).


Chrissy Thomure