Cody Lee

CNI Fellow - Class of 2015

Undergraduate Student, Social Ecology
UC Irvine




Coordinating groups and organizing individuals is vital in creating change. Through engagement with fellows at UC Irvine and across California, I will be building a student sustainability network and climate action platform. This infrastructure will be the foundations upon which future initiatives and campaigns can be built — giving students at UC Irvine an easy way to get engaged with their campus and their communities.


  • Connect with key stakeholders from across California such as the California Student Sustainability Coalition, Resilience Collaborative, Sierra Student Coalition,, sustainability fellows from other UC campuses and Californians Against Fracking.
  • Gather educational and training-related resources.
  • Assess and connect with current sustainability organizations and efforts at UC Irvine, such as the Water Initiative, Oceans Initiative, Sustainability Initiative, PowerSave Campus, Climatepedia, Theta Psi, Urban Studies Student Association and CalPIRG.
  • Assess and analyze different media platforms as well as developments in technology.
  • Internet platform integration.
  • Develop a plan for a systemwide climate action communications platform and a renovation plan for the UC Irvine sustainability website.

Future Plans

I will be a sustainability fellow until December 2015, at which point I intend to have pieced together media, organizations and resources into a common, publicly accessible interface. I wish to see more student-led engagement amongst the communications fellows within the Carbon Neutrality Initiative and hope to have a part in establishing a more student-centric method of organizing with the new batch of fellows.


Katie Hoffman, Abigail Reyes, Diana Lofflin, Fernando Maldonado, Nicky Cuevas, Corie Radka, Emily Williams and Corrina Grace.