The UC President’s Carbon Neutrality Initiative Student Fellowship Program funds student-generated projects that support the UC system’s goal to produce zero-net greenhouse gas emissions by 2025.

All 10 UC campuses plus the UC Office of the President, UC Agriculture and Natural Resources, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory participate in the program.

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Stella Cousins

Characterizing Carbon in California Forests: Adapting Greenhouse Gas Inventories to Climatic Stress and Rising Mortality


Gavin McNicol

Quantifying Methane Emissions via Ebullition in Restored California Wetlands

Nadine Melamed

Carbon Neutrality Student Engagement Report

Charlotte O'Donnell

Carbon Neutrality Student Engagement Report

Pascal Polonik

Climate Change Presentation Fellow

Sarah Strochak

Carbon Neutrality Student Engagement Report

Mikela Topey

Climate Engagement Research


Colin Mickle

Quality Carbon: Investigating the Potential for Localized Carbon Offsets for the University of California

Naftali Moed

Student Engagement


Kathleen Deck

Conservation Through Creation

Cody Lee


Asiya Natekal

How Cool is UCI?

Hope Pollard

UC Reserves for Energy Efficiency Learning (UC REELs)

Amelia Unsicker

Climate Communications: Innovative and Creative Student Engagement Strategies

Los Angeles

Sam Hirsch


Alyssa Koehn


Austin Park


Parker Wells



Adriana K. Gomez

Updating UC Merced's Climate Action Plan

Gabriel Morabe

Rufus Reduces

Alexander Newman

Selective Dissolutions


Xuewei Qi

Visualizing the Traffic-Related Air Pollution on UCR Campus

Julianne Rolf

Integrated Appliance System (IAS): Dual Heating Using Solar Energy

Partho Sarothi Roy

Greenhouse Gas Emissions by UCR Campus Fleet Vehicles

Salvador Ulloa

LED Retrofit

San Diego

Charlotte Beall

Real-time Source Apportionment for Single Particle Mass Spectrometers

Laurel Brigham

Carbon Storage Along a Natural Precipitation Gradient Under Shrub and Grass-dominated Communities

Ellen Esch

Effects of Precipitation and Invasion Regimes on Decomposition Rates and Carbon Storage Potential

Linda Tong

Student Communications

San Francisco

Nicole Jackman

Efficient Use of Fresh Gas Flow With Inhaled Anesthetics Can Decrease Costs and Impact Medical Greenhouse Gas Emissions at UCSF

Santa Barbara

Claire Dooley

UC Santa Barbara Carbon Neutrality Initiative Scoping Effort

Victoria Mansfield

Educating and Empowering Student Leaders

Maximilian Salvador Stiefel

Best Practices for Carbon Neutrality at the University of California, Santa Barbara

Unique Vance

Broadening the Movement

Santa Cruz

Alden Phinney

Climate and Energy Strategy

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Christine Li

Energy Management for Carbon Neutrality