Claire Dooley

CNI Fellow - Class of 2015

Graduate Student, Environmental Science & Management
UC Santa Barbara


UC Santa Barbara Carbon Neutrality Initiative Scoping Effort


My CNI project is comprised of three main activities: 1) identifying best practices and policies in climate action at other colleges and universities, 2) identifying energy efficiency and renewable energy strategies that have the potential to significantly reduce UC Santa Barbara’s carbon emissions, and 3) sharing my findings with key campus stakeholders to inform future climate action and strategy development for UC Santa Barbara to achieve climate neutrality by 2025.


The major goal of my project is to conduct a preliminary assessment of best practices and policies in university campus climate action to identify the areas with greatest potential to advance UC Santa Barbara’s carbon neutrality efforts. 

Future Plans

In June 2015, I intend to finalize my preliminarily investigation summary and deep dive summary deliverables. Once these are complete, I will distribute to key stakeholders working on climate action and strategy here at UC Santa Barbara, including: the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management class of 2016 Carbon Neutrality Group Project Team, the chancellor’s Campus Sustainability Committee, and the campus's energy and facilities staff. In July 2015, I intend to share the findings of my project during the California Higher Education Sustainability Conference CNI Fellows Symposium poster session, in collaboration with my colleague Max Stiefel.


Katie Maynard and David Auston