Kathleen Deck

CNI Fellow - Class of 2015

Undergraduate Student, Art
UC Irvine


Conservation Through Creation


The concept of bringing awareness to climate change through art is implemented by the idea of letting a section of grass at UC Irvine return to its natural state. This approach is a way to visualize the transition from a simulated environment to an indigenous environment through the act of reversal. This project involves shutting off the section of sprinklers on Ring Road, between Humanities Gateway and the Bioscience Science Library on the UC Irvine campus, which will result in browning of the grass in the section. The amount of water, 5,040 gallons of water per week that is used for irrigation, will be updated weekly on the signage visible to the audience.


The project’s main goal is to bring awareness to climate change by bridging the gap between art and science. By making climate change a universally accessible topic, awareness can be brought, not only to the science, art and UC Irvine community, but also to a much larger audience. This project has proved to meet all of its main goals and to be far more successful than I ever hoped for.

Future Plans

This fellowship project has allowed me, as an artist, to present to others the overarching topic of climate change in a different light. My future plan is to continue my artistic practice with the goal of bringing awareness to climate change in mind. I plan to attend a graduate school MFA program at one of the UCs because of how much support I have received from the UC system. Eventually I want to be a university professor and professional practicing artist, who can communicate the ideas behind eco-art to future generations. I have been extremely grateful for this opportunity to participate in such an innovative and investigative fellowship.


Jesse Jackson and Julie Ferguson