Travel and Entertainment - Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions and answers about travel and entertainment processes

  1. I haven't received my travel reimbursement. What should I do?
  2. Does the BRC require receipts for meals under $75?

I haven't received my travel reimbursement. What should I do?

You can expect that, by the end of the third business day after the BRC has received your request, you will have received either:

  1. An email from the Express system that your travel expense report is ready for your review and submission, or

  2. An email from the BRC informing you of additional information/documentation that is required.

If you haven’t seen either email, please try the following:

  • Check your Junk mail folder to see if the email was directed there.
    • The sender is
    • If you find it, identify the message as “Not Junk” so the problem does not recur
  • Check the status in Express.
    • Log into
    • Click on Expense Reports
    • Click on the pencil icon
    • Check for a travel expense report for the trip
    • Check the status section to see if your name is listed as Reviewer
      • If yes, please submit the report after your review
      • If not, please do not submit the report as it is not complete
  • Call or email your BRC Team; we’re here to help.

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Does the BRC require receipts for meals under $75?

BRC does not make policy; the BRC checks for compliance with policy.  It also ensures that there is sufficient documentation to demonstrate compliance with policy. 

UC Travel policy does not require receipts for meal costs under $75 so, generally, the BRC will not request or require receipts under that limit. However, a receipt may be required to comply, or demonstrate compliance, with tax laws, contract provisions or other policies.  Also, departments may establish policies that are more restrictive than systemwide/UCOP policy and some require receipts for all expenses before they will approve the request for reimbursement. 

Examples when a receipt will be required by the BRC for a meal under $75:

  • Daily Maximum Claimed

    When reimbursement is claimed for the daily maximum, receipts serve to establish that the traveler’s actual expenses reached or exceeded the maximum.  Some travelers mistakenly believe that the maximum is a “per diem” that can be claimed without actually having spent the money. Therefore, if a traveler claims daily maximums more than occasionally, receipts will be requested so that UCOP can demonstrate to the IRS that reimbursements are for expenses actually incurred.  (Otherwise, some of the reimbursement would be taxable income and payroll issues arise.)  A traveler who exceeds daily maximums should provide receipts.  For more information on what the daily maximum covers and the current rate, see the Travel Policy Summary (pdf).

  • Funding Source

    Some contracts and grants contain provisions addressing travel expenses.  The funder of the travel may want receipts for every dollar spent and that is their prerogative.  Although UC travel policy wouldn’t require a receipt, a receipt would be required in these situations.

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