Travel and Entertainment (T&E) Card - Frequently Asked Questions

The US Bank Travel and Entertainment (T&E) charge card is available to UCOP employees to reduce their out-of-pocket expense while on UC business travel.  More information is provided below and in the UCOP Travel & Entertainment (T&E) Card - Frequently Asked Questions which address common questions about the program.

Applying for the T&E Card

Using the T&E Card

  • The card is specifically for the cardholder's travel and entertainment expenses associated with University Business – and not for personal use or payment for others.
  • The card is best used to cover expenses associated with the employee's trip or event such as conference registration fees, lodging, meals, rental car, ground transportation, and parking.
  • Hotel deposits and conference registration fees when charged to the T&E card can be processed for payment in advance of travel.
  • We strongly advise cardholders to pay for their airfare via direct billing rather than the T&E charge card, by requesting a Pre-Trip Authorization number which is then supplied for ticketing. This option is particularly important when flights are booked more than week or so ahead of travel as it prevents airfare charges from sitting unpaid on the T&E card account for extended periods.  In addition, if travelers cancel or change their trips and receive an airfare credit, by policy the airfare cannot be paid until the entire credit is used; thus cardholders may be required to pay the airfare cost out-of-pocket to ensure that the T&E card account does not become overdue.

How T&E Card Charges are Paid

  • Travel reimbursement requests should be submitted within seven to ten days following completion of travel or the entertainment event to ensure that charges are processed and posted to the US Bank account within the 30-day billing cycle.
  • All travel and entertainment expenses incurred are paid through the UCLA web-based expense system, Express.  The cardholder's T&E card transactions are uploaded into Express and “attached” to the travel report for payment directly to US Bank.  For tracking and audit purposes, all T&E card charges must be processed through Express.

Managing your T&E Card Account

  • Be sure that all T&E card charges incurred are accounted for. You can view your T&E card transactions by selecting the T&E Credit Card tab in Express. When submitting and/or reviewing your expense reports, look at the report details to ensure that all T&E card transactions are being pulled in and have been accurately identified. The transactions will disappear off the T&E Credit Card tab once they have been pulled into an expense report.
  • Track your T&E card charges carefully, immediately reporting any suspicious activity directly to US Bank and disputing any problem charges to US Bank within 60 days of the original transaction. The customer service phone number is on the back of the your card.